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Eridu - Planet of the Gods

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I have created this website to enable more people to know about the virtually unknown planet of Eridu. I created my domain name for this site 'ireedu' by using some of the letters from my own name and arranging them to phonetically sound like the planet name of Eridu.

I first heard about this planet when I purchased the book Gods of the New Millennium by Alan Alford about twelve years ago. Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down it was so enthralling and captivating. It is almost impossible for me to explain the full contents of this book on here; it would be like someone trying to explain the Bible or the Koran on just one webpage. What I can do though is to give you a little insight into this truly excellent book.

In his research for this book, Alan Alford discovered facts which would be disputed by many people and organisations, even though he has uncovered the proof. Because these uncovered facts threatens the very existence and credibility of some major establishments and religions and consequently this book has been ostracised and condemned by many organisations who's very credibility has felt threatened by it.

The book is based upon the planet Eridu which has a huge elliptical orbit in space  which brings it close to our own Solar System every few thousand years or so and the residents of the planet Eridu being far more technically advanced than ourselves may then visit the Earth and this they have been doing for countless millenniums past. This knowledge then explains many of the things that has evaded logical explanation for many a millennium.

When some of the inhabitants of Eridu last visited our planet a few thousand years ago, they met a very primitive and completely technically ignorant race of people here on Earth who thought that the visitors were Gods; they probably saw lights in the sky, flying objects, lasers, etc. The relatively few humans who did meet the visitors obviously couldn't communicate properly with them and most of the communication was probably done by using a form of sign language and drawing. The people who did meet the visitors (Gods) then went on to pass their experiences on to others by word of mouth to groups of other people and by the writing of many stories, drawings, gospels, books and the eventual formation of the many different religions here on Earth now. Obviously all religious groups disagree with this; just think how much money the religious groups would lose if people stopped believing!!!

Alan Alford also gives proof in this book about the true purpose of the pyramids in Egypt and why the visitors to Earth (the Gods) had to construct them as part of their Earth Project and of course the Egyptians totally disagree with this explanation.

In mypersonal opinion, this book also explains the true origin of our species, archaeologists cannot find the 'missing link' in our evolution from the apes because there isn't one. We were evolved from our true ancestors the people of Eridu by the use of clones and artificial insemination and by use of their own DNA.

Just think about it! You could actually have a virgin girl give birth this way!

We are the descendants of 'the Gods'!

This book is a 'must have' for all intelligent, open minded and generally inquisitive people around the world.


Gods of the New Millenium

You can visit Alan F. Alford's website at: http://www.eridu.co.uk


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Legless book - This website was also created to promote my book 'Legless in Thailand' published in January 2007. It is an autobiography of the last ten years and a little more of my life here in Thailand, during which time I had a very serious, almost fatal road traffic accident and I had to have one of my legs amputated, it is also about an expat love story with a Thai girl who's only true love in life is money, so now I personally refer to my book as 'the autobiography of a fool and my never ending story'.

Good read - During an interview on a Bangkok radio station, the interviewer said that my book was a "good read", but he also said that he didn't like the title of my book and that many people would get the completely wrong impression about it from the title. Well I do like the title and I am legless in Thailand, so I shall keep it for now Legless author.

My story to me now seems like a never ending story and most certainly not a very happy one.

Cheers! - John McMiken author, recluse expat in Thailand.

Planet of the Gods

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